GeoCMS: Display Tabular Data on a Map

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We believe that a map can transport so much more information and it can be consumed by the reader much faster then textual or tabular data. We would love to support you in the mapping process.

The Geolcious GeoCMS is a versatile tool to administrate and cartographically visualize your data in the web.

The main feature is the representation of your tabular data (like MS Excel, MS Access, OO Calc,…)as interactive maps which can be maintained using an easy web interface.

Additionally the Geolicious GeoCMS offers multiple ways of customization and extension to filter data individually, enrich them using statistical methods or to add reachability and routing from A to B worldwide. Furthermore all elements of the web map can be altered and designed for your special needs starting with icons, colors, markers regarding your personal or business needs. This differentiates our platform from other geocoding solutions out there. The ownership of the data is still yours as we not only ship our geocms with a database but also with an easy to use interface for roles, users and groups.

If you are fine with a hosted solution we also offer hosting in international or national data centers (certified). Despite this the geoCMS is designed to be hosted by your IT as well. more»

Individual CityMap – optimal urban and regional maps for your individual content

Räumliche Visualisierung von Unternehmensdaten.
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On vacation, traveling and excursions your visitors discover your city and region.
Show your guests regional projects, attractions, shopping-malls, biking and hiking trails and much more on a digital web map (also for mobile use locally). Let your region be experienced interactively and discover a new marketing channel!
Our CityMap brings dynamism to the rigid world of webmaps and gives your local offers a modern, interactive setting.


Maps of Events

Karten für Veranstaltungen mit moderner Webtechnologie umgesetzt.
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Events are places of encounter and communication. The more extensive are the locations and areas of the event, the more important is a reliable navigation solution for the visitor.
In addition to the classic print materials, digital maps are increasingly used. The wide spread of mobile devices (smartphones etc.) and uniform web and technology standards enable easy deployment of digital maps for festivals, city festivals and major events farther.
Went to the trend in recent years, especially for platform-specific event app, now a website solution is more common. more»