GeoCMS: Display Tabular Data on a Map

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We believe that a map can transport so much more information and it can be consumed by the reader much faster then textual or tabular data. We would love to support you in the mapping process.

The Geolcious GeoCMS is a versatile tool to administrate and cartographically visualize your data in the web.

The main feature is the representation of your tabular data (like MS Excel, MS Access, OO Calc,…)as interactive maps which can be maintained using an easy web interface.

Additionally the Geolicious GeoCMS offers multiple ways of customization and extension to filter data individually, enrich them using statistical methods or to add reachability and routing from A to B worldwide. Furthermore all elements of the web map can be altered and designed for your special needs starting with icons, colors, markers regarding your personal or business needs. This differentiates our platform from other geocoding solutions out there. The ownership of the data is still yours as we not only ship our geocms with a database but also with an easy to use interface for roles, users and groups.

If you are fine with a hosted solution we also offer hosting in international or national data centers (certified). Despite this the geoCMS is designed to be hosted by your IT as well.

GeoCMS tabular data upload, create, and alter

tabular data upload, create, and alter data with our GeoCMS

GeoCMS map view according the data

GeoCMS map view according the data

GeoCMS Standard Functions

Our GeoCMS platform consists of a tabular- and a map view. According to your requirements we are customizing it to your needs. By doing so we guarantee best fitting functionality and low costs for your content management. The data management can be done in most used browsers. Additionally the map view is completely responsive. This enables you to share your data accross users, systems and devices

Tabular View

  • User administration incl. authorization management
  • Data model according to your needs
  • Tabular view
  • Add, alter, delete entries
  • Data fields according to your data model
  • Address lookup and geo coding
  • Point-, lines- and polygon sketch tools to define spatial information
  • image and file upload capability

Map View

  • based on your tabular data
  • automated web updated with your desired design
  • pop ups on click in your desired design
  • Pan and zoom
  • Iframe-code update to implement it easily in different websites

You can find more information about enhanced functionalities in our interactive maps here. We can enhance the functionality with different analytical and reporting tools (accessibility in time, area and length calculation, additional sketch tools, twitter/instagram live feed in the webmap, etc).

The Geolicious GeoCMS is built upon state of the art opensource technology and is tailored specifically to your needs as we believe a tailored solution is not only best fitting but also best in terms of additional enhancement points as we all grow or shrink…
Contact us directly and let us talk about your current needs.

Example Views

The heartpiece of the Geolicious GeoCMS is the editable data table which is available to every registered user. You can add, alter, remove data as well as run analysis tasks on it. Every entry can be geolocated using an address or the interactive map window where you can draw the spatial component of a feature.

upload table data or add and alter inside the GeoCMS

Upload table data or add and alter inside the GeoCMS

The spatial information of a feature can be obtained using the address of it or by marking it on the map using a designated tool for map drawing.

GeoCMS: Besides the automatic geo coding based on an address you can simply pin down the location on a map.

GeoCMS: Besides the automatic geo coding based on an address you can simply pin down the location on a map.

All features of your table will be shown automatically on a map view by default. This map can be used independently. Besides the common zoom and pan you can also select and filter different categories of your data individually. Furthermore we support clustering of points and features and the individual default labelling of map items.
The implementation of further analytical tools can be easily done either on client or on server side.

GeoCMS map view based on tabular data

GeoCMS map view based on tabular data

We tailor the Geolicious GeoCMS individually to your needs as we believe tailored solutions will not only fit best but are also easy to scale according your business case. Just contact us and let us work together.