GIS- & data-services

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Geolicious sets when creating your individual geospatial solution to the latest technologies and open source developments.

Data representation on each scale ...

Data representation on each scale …

... and for any purpose

… and for any purpose

Cartographic Services

A map of Geolicious offers results that are flexibly tailored to your project and thus provides high-precision functionality and optimal pricing. Delivering in multiple filetypes and print composition is included.

  • Creation of your digital and printable map for all scales
  • Integration of OpenStreetMap data (representation of cities, roads, rivers, lakes, etc.)
  • Representation of your business/event data
  • interactive and multimedia content embeddable (videos, images, etc.)

GIS and data services

We use our experience with geographic information systems like for you and advise you in building your workflow, infrastructure and data analysis. Or enter your tasks directly from Geolicious, we will prepare your data according to your wishes and to bring our broad range of experience in one of your projects.

  • Advice on the development of open source-based spatial data infrastructures
  • customized hosting solutions for spatial data server
  • Geostatistical analysis of their spatial data
  • GIS training tailored for your employees, on-site

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